Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I made it

I passed.

My FINAL paper.



My dad has been counting on days till my result day ever since I told him the result would be in October. "Today is 1st....today is 2nd....Today is 3rd..." until I had no choice but to tell him that it would be out on 16th October! He even counted it down last night. "It's 12 am already" "it's monday". The result will be out 12 a.m. UK time, dad.

That morning at 7 a.m., he knocked the door. "Assalamualaikum....result ?"


5 minutes later my phone beeped. No. I'm not ready. I am really not. I closed my eyes, scrolling twitter as well (because Taemin's new album is going to be released on the same day!!) I let the message there without checking it. My dad would have scold me already because it is already there.

My head full with "what if it is 'fail'? how do I tell them? what am I going to do?" And all the thoughts stressed my stomach and I had to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I STILL had so many thoughts. I was thinking how bad I answered the questions, I was thinking how I lost so many vocabs so sudden that I couldn't answer in professional way and so many similar thoughts. I even thought "what if God says not yet to all my prayers?" "Why I didn't solat dhuha much during my study?" "What if I didn't solat hajat that much?"  (I totally put my trust in my solat hajat that I afraid I will be dissapointed) - I read once somewhere to do solat hajat 12 rakaat and insyaAllah you will get what you want, it worked for my SPM result...

I went out of the toilet with my wudhuk on and I prayed Dhuha first with my heart beat extremely fast. "God, you are the Almighty, please help me on making my parents happy. Help me gives them a good news" was my last prayer that day. I grabbed my phone right away and I said Bismillah about 10x. I clicked the message and closed my eyes.

My eyes slowly opened, I slowly read the sentences with the sound of my heart beating hard. "Pass" I CRIED SO SO HARD as if I failed and my head down to earth right away. "Thank you Allah. Thank you". My telekung was drenched with tears and I ran to my parents' bedroom right away.

What I actually expected was to hug them right away while I couldn't stop crying. But my mom was in showering that i waited for 10 minutes in her room and my tears dried already. LOL. She went out with towel wrapped around her and I hugged her so tight already. My mom was so worried then I whispered, "52!" and we both were in tears right away and we hopped while hugging.

I couldn't wait to tell my dad, but mom told me to wait for her and she asked me to be a little dramatic. I went down for my dad but he's outside. So we waited for a while and when dad came in, mom was like,"be strong okay wo...be strong" #MyMomShouldBeCasted I ran to hug my dad right away. "Congratulations or not?"..."52!" and we both hugged so tight that he LIFTED ME UP. I am overweight but he lifted me up like woaaaaaa. He teared a bit and he sujud syukur right away.

Then we told the rest of the family and Nana has been waiting for my reply since the result was out lolllll (AND SHE ALSO PASSED!!) Later that night we celebrated together with our close family.

That evening, Taemin's 2nd full album was released and already be the best album in 2017. Listen to the title song, Move here. He is such a perfection !!

I will save a post about affiliate and stuff for my next post.

Monday 16th October 2017 is really such a great day and October 2017 will always be the best month in my life and I will always remember in my whole life. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

My 22nd birthday!

As of 2 days ago, 12th October, I officially turned 22 !!! /throws confetti/ lol. I was determined to be a better person the next morning I wake up as 22 years old girl.

That morning when I opened my eyes with determination of becoming a better person, I looked at my phone and 'dang it. I'm late for subuh'. I quietly went to the toilet without my dad noticed me (he will scold me, guys!). Then I went back to sleep after. A better person, huh?

I woke up again at 10 a.m. and I smileddddddddddddd all over. It's my birthdayyyyyyy! I went for shower right away and played SHINee's 1of1 album ! Gotta play my favourite album by my favourite babies and the shower room was full of happiness that morning xD

I replied all birthday messages (Taqwans didn't wish me this year. seulpeuda! lol). Then my mom and I decided to go to my high school to claim my SPM certificate because I need to apply a job okay! (Turned out my sister already took it for me but then I either lost it or misplaced it. dang it) But before that, we went to pick up my nephew from his school. I told him we were going to my school but he kept saying no (he thought I was going back to school in KL lol). The rest of journey is me explaining to him that it was not that school. My high school is getting prettier and I miss them!

Then we went to buy nasi abe mie for lunch and birthday cake ! Mom gave me money to buy the secret recipe cake and I just chose Red Velvet Cake.

So here is something I am about to keep for the rest of my life:

My mom told us to go and buy the cake while she wait in the car. While I was about to get out of the car, I kinda 'terpleot' a.k.a twisted my feet and I ended up fell outside the car and leaned on the rear door that my sil about to open. This is so funny tho.....

It did not end up there. While we were choosing the cake, with my mind stressed over the SPM cert, I looked down and noticed there was some dirt on my feet and SUDDENLY I lose my balance and fell down while laid down on the floor. I just laughed ! lol. Thank God no one was looking but the SR staff just looked at me with weird face -_- My sil held out her hand and lifted me up.

After choosing the cake, I kept telling my nephew to hold my hand because I afraid I would split my legs again. We went home, had lunch and rest. After zohor prayer, I took my laptop, phone and charger and went down the stairs.

Guess what happened?

*thump* I fell from the stairs. again. That was my third time that day. I think I fell hard that my dad who was reciting the Quran in the living room paused for a while, my sil who was praying had heart beats so fast and my mom stopped whatever work she was doing. I sat on the stairs about few minutes, my heart was screaming in pain and my eyes trying to held out the tears. I sprained my right feet. My left leg turned blue because I was dragged down the stairs. I almost cried when they asked me.

My mom was so concerned that I fell down so many times that day (and previously.....) Because I fell down so many times either at home, at kolej or at mall. And I only thought of One Litre of Tears. What if I had something like her. Sorry, I was being dramatic.

Anyway, that night we celebrated my birthday with our usual pizza tradition! I was so grateful because it has been 3 years since I celebrated my birthday at home. hihi

My nephew INSISTED on blowing the candles and cutting the cake. okay boy. Anything for ya

I wrote it as 22 but he wrote 22nd. WHAT ON EARTH !!

 My sister surprised me with this through my sil ! Because the last time she was home, she promised me to take me the cafe but we missed our opportunity. The cake tasted like a sponge cake but it is picture worthy tho lol

My sil gave me this. But the kids ate them ALL.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I think I've never write about my nephews and niece other than their birth. And I am planning on writing on one. I hope I gotta write about them soon because I love looking at their photos from my instagram feed, how they changed by the time.

Well, I've plenty of stuff to do that I haven't crossed out from the list since few weeks ago (LOL) but I PROMISED to write one post for each of them.

Watch this space soon xx

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This long trip is ending.

half way packing. 

Couldn't believe it this long trip is coming to an end.

I feel sad leaving because I had so much fun with my friends (which we became a roomie/next door this semester). We are so loud till the nerdy next door knocked our door telling us to keep quiet. No one realised it was almost 12. That's how much fun we had.

But after calling my mom yesterday and I heard through the phone how they had so much fun over there with the kids, I just can't wait to go home. Even though..... final is waiting for me. lol.